Use professional language services as a means of bettering your communication with the world!


A good translator or interpreter can offer you professional solutions, seeing that your corporate identity gets beyond the borders of your own language and culture.


My job as a translator is to make sure that your meticulously designed projects are easily assimilated by the Romanian market. Your brochures, user manuals, business plans, contracts, training materials, and other common language and technical documentation will reach your Romanian target audience in the most natural way, as they will be best suited to both your expectations and their needs. The use of translation memories and terminology management, as well as state-of-the-art translation software open a whole new perspective on translation and you will benefit from the best equipment and expertise available.


My job as an interpreter is to make sure that the foreign experts working in Romania or for a Romanian audience can find the shortest way to getting their message through and obtaining the best feedback. I do this with discretion, and in full confidence, as a true language facilitator.


Being a native Romanian language professional with vast international experience, I can facilitate this language transfer both as a translator and an interpreter, and as an efficient project manager, surrounded by competent and experienced colleagues, for your larger-scale projects.


Language management can be the key to being successful and I can offer you the expertise you need in this area.